Miro play templates + THE EXILES announcement!

Hello everyone, let's go over some news:

A play template is here!

I've just added a new file onto the game: A Crescent Moon play template for Miro! You've probably heard me talk about Miro before—basically, it's an online whiteboard app that happens to be great for playing RPGs remotely. It's the primary platform I use to play games, and the place where most Crescent Moon playtests have taken place.

If you own the game, you should now be able to access the page by clicking on the 'MIRO Play Template' file. Once you're there, you can click on the board's title to duplicate the file by making an account.

I hope the template helps you get games started while preserving the visual nature of Crescent Moon! If you're curious to know more about the platform, check out this guide I wrote last year.

New game! THE EXILES

A Crescent Moon expansion is now underway; it's called THE EXILES, and it will shift the premise of the base game on its head to instead tell the tale of young outcasts crawling their way out of the dissonant world of The Below.

You can expect new character options, travel across a pointcrawl map, combat mechanics, and a lot of angsty queer teens wielding giant swords. A free preview  is releasing alongside the campaign here on itch as soon as the project is live, so look forward to it!

Follow the game's pre-launch page to get notified when the campaign launches. Other ways to stay in the loop include signing up to the PCC newsletter, or following us here on itch.

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MIRO Play template
Feb 20, 2022

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