1.3 release! Shop open and physical copies available!

Hello! Today marks the official launch of Pocket Compass

Pocket Compass Co. will from now on be the tiny internet spot to find my games and art, as well as (as you've probably noticed already) the label I'll be publishing any future independent work under. The site is live right now! If you're curious to learn more about what the deal is, you can check out this twitter thread introducing the project and some of the items available—that is, physical copies of Crescent Moon and some pretty cool merch <3 

Version 1.3 changes:

  • Minor visual updates (mainly, adding the PCC logo and updated contact information).
  • Tweaked slightly the rules for the Defiance roll based on new playtest data.
  • Added a new paragraph for Double Criticals as an optional rule. 
  • Character sheets are now 10% prettier after some visual weight adjustments.
  • Fixed like two typos on the Dreamers playset that were making me very insecure.
  • End of session triggers now feature a single group question instead of two for maximum speed.

And that's about it! Beginning from tomorrow there's going to be a winter sale running for about two weeks for both Crescent Moon and a bundle with Crescent Moon, The Farmstead, and I am the Horizon! I don't foresee any relevant updates to the game moving forward, so if you've been meaning to sink your teeth into this, now's about the perfect time to do so.

Where can I buy the game?

I am happy that you ask! At long last, here's a list of independent retailers who are or will be carrying Crescent Moon shortly:

If you're interested in a more detailed breakdown of what the past couple of months have been like and what some my plans are for 2022, feel free to check out this companion Kickstarter update as always!

take care and see you very soon,

ema :-)


Crescent Moon ☾ - spreads (1.3) 102 MB
Dec 20, 2021
Crescent Moon ☾ - singles (1.3) 89 MB
Dec 20, 2021
Handouts Set (1.3) 5 MB
Dec 20, 2021
Handouts Set - Printer friendly (1.3) 5 MB
Dec 20, 2021
Character sheets 1 MB
Dec 20, 2021

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