small update ~ creator day discount


thank you for supporting crescent moon. your response has been humbling. all your comments, reviews and excitement over the game warm my heart. 

i would like to tell you about a few things. first, i've made a small update to the playkit with the up-to-date rules. the text is still somewhat different than the final version—as it is currently undergoing editing—, but i wanted to make sure all the mechanics and items match their current form. i've also added part of the "getting started" section from the full version to help you kick off your games, as well as some mechanical tweaks.

second, i'm happy to say that for ⟨ creator day⟩ i  will be running a flash sale this friday ! starting at 8am WEST on July 23rd, the digital preorder of the game will be offered at 43% off. click here to go to the sale page !

if you've been meaning to get the physical version, i might be able to offer a 20% discount on all items over the whole weekend. i can't confirm it for sure yet, but if you're interested keep an eye on my twitter or on the sale page closer to the date.

preorders are one of the main sources that have kept me afloat during development. if you'd like to save a few coins and help me in this last stretch, now is a perfect time to jump. thank you <3

until next time,


p.s. in case you didn't know, this game was funded as part of kickstarter's zinequest 3. if you've been wondering how production is coming along, feel free to head over to the last update i posted.

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