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My experience with Crescent Moon tugs on my heart like the memory of a lost friend. Its structure created a magic circle around play where moments of unbridled joy, dreamlike surreality, melancholy and fear all sat in harmony. This is a trait shared by masterworks of the genre.

I saw that the kickstarter for the Exiles ended recently, but the page mentions the Exiles as a playable Link already, what does this mean? I really like the idea of the Exiles, but I don't know if I should wait until the page is updated with the Exiles content, or if it's already there and the kickstarter was just for a revised version.


Hello SinRyder! I'm afraid the game page is outdated in that section, as the base game doesn't include any support for The Exiles and the expansion must be bought separately. That said, you can find a free demo for the expansion over at

While the Exiles' playkit is just a rough preview of the final game, you can feasibly get a game of it started in combination with base CM in the meantime 🙂 

Hope that helps!

Perfect! I'll plan to buy CM soon and give Exiles a try, thanks for responding. I'll be sure to leave whatever feedback I or other players give!


Are physical copies available somewhere, or have they been delayed? I'd like to put it on my Christmas list since it's first on my very short list of physical goods I want, but I don't see anywhere to buy it.


Hello! It depends a bit on where you're based. Copies to the US are unfortunately delayed until we sort out some customs paperwork, so at this point it might not be possible to have an order delivered before Christmas if you plan to get it from a North-American shop > <. That said, the good news are that European retailers (including myself!) are receiving the game now, which will pop up for sale in different storefronts over the remainder of the month. You can expect an update post on this page over the next 1-3 weeks with a list of all the stores where the game is available for purchase. Thanks for the patience!


I have never DM'd a game before, but something about this tickles me in such a way that I'm determined to overcome my anxiety and make this one my first DMing experience. I keep coming back to check if the physical copies are released yet. I'm so excited. <3


Best of luck with DMing this Breena! It was a big goal of mine to make the role of The Moon as easy to pick up as possible, so hopefully you won't find it overwhelming. Thanks for looking forward to the physical release, they are close ❤️️


It just pokes me right in whatever part of my brain first made me excited about gaming. Wondrous, fun, warm, and absolutely gorgeous. 

Congrats to the new release. Is there a way we could get a single pages PDF instead of the spreads? 

Sure! I'll add it right away. May I ask why you find the single pages version easier to use? I always read on spreads and am curious :o

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I'm not the original commentor but in my case, I prefer single pages partly because the screen of my cheap tablet is too small to read in spreads without zooming in a lot. Another tiny reason is it's became a habit after reading e-books and research papers exclusively in single pages.

May I ask for single pages version of the handouts set as well, if it's possible?

Hey! That makes a lot of sense. In the case of the handouts, I'm afraid they're laid out in single A4 pages since they're meant to be printed out, so there's no way to divide them in half. Sorry!

Oh, I understand so no need to apologize! Thanks for replying!

Thank you very much!

I have not yet found a good way to print speads as a brochure. If I have single pages my printer allows me to make a nice A5 copy.

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Ooo, "magical otherworld" is one of my favorite things in media, and I never did really like combat in TTRPGs, at least when it wasn't presented as a problem to solve. That's why I like casters, they get fun tools like "throw things quick" and "move dirt around" instead of just "hit with axe." I'm going to keep an eye on this.

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Ooooooohhhh, I just saw the description of The Dreamers and... oof, that's a little... too accurate to me. I've got a bit of a problem with escapism, I think. I'm one of the people that sees "may you have an interesting life" as a blessing, not a curse.

I love your game. I'm the creator of Inspirisles. Question: How did you set up pre-orders? I can't find the way to do it anywhere.



just like that !


Thank you! Think it was because I had mixture of free downloads too. Didn’t realise you could isolate prices. 


Reading the Quickstart makes me truly excited for the book. 

Beyond the wonderful art and layout, Crescent Moon is also delightfully written. I truly appreciate its gentle voice, that clearly guides the reader on the principles and flow of play. It reminds me of Quest, Wanderhome, but Crescent Moon also impresses me with how it develops a unique, possibly deep system of play.

I'm following this project for sure.